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Balance of Power in a Post-2016 World

by Robert Kesten Many Americans grew up believing that a single party in control of all branches of government would not serve the people. That certainly seems true in Washington, DC, today. But across the nation there are only 4 states where the legislatures are...

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Time’s Up, Big Money

Big/Dark Money Should Not Corrupt our Political System by Robert Kesten Our campaign has not and will not take any corporate PAC money. Nor have we taken the Big/Dark money associated with Charter Schools/Hedge Fund donors or large developers. Many of those groups...

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All Our Families Are Vulnerable

by Robert Kesten It’s A Small World After All Sitting recently in a large meeting room in Washington, DC, with 435 candidates and officeholders from across the nation, it quickly became apparent that we shared many of the same issues and concerns. The growing crisis...

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