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Eve Sverdlove Shoenthal from Sunnyside

I support Robert Kesten for NYS Senate. In speaking with him, and learning about his background, I am very impressed. Looking through this Facebook page I can see that Robert is traveling through all the towns in the district listening to the local people, spending time listening. I will work hard to help Robert Kesten become our next NY State Senator for District 40.

Nancy Vann

A very smart guy who also has a very good heart. Rare and wonderful combination!

Marianna Stout from Peekskill

We need Robert Kesten as our NYS Senator. He will listen to us, his constituents, not the party machine. He will represent progressive values and common sense compromises so that our state can keep moving forward as our needs change.

Susan Rubin

I first met Robert Kesten over a decade ago when he was involved with TV Turn Off Week. His integrity and deep understanding of critical issues are an inspiration to me. We need people like Robert to represent us in Albany.

Barbara Fisher from Yorktown Heights

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to Robert Kesten and his views on health care. I was very impressed with his knowledge and passion and ability to see the whole picture of what needs to be done for the people of our state. I think we should do exactly what he says and realize that we must raise our voices if we want a change. He definitely had me thinking about becoming an active participant again. Thank you.

Marty-Ann Kerner

I heard him speak recently at a meeting and was impressed with his knowledge of the issues, his compassion, his background and experience!