Dear Friend,

One of the greatest things about running for NYS Senate in a district that represents beautiful parts of three counties is that you see a good deal of territory.

This past week our campaign met with the Democratic Committee in Patterson, always a pleasure. This Putnam County town has a combination of rustic beauty and views that simply take your breath away. The Democrats there have great sense of humor and I look forward to knocking on doors with them in the coming weeks.

I also visited with the Pawling Democratic Committee in Dutchess County. Pawling is one of those places that has celebrity residents living alongside people who have called this town home for generations. Outstanding music venues, restaurants and outdoor activities ensure something for everyone in this corner of heaven.

On Saturday I joined dozens of people in the 37th Senate District and went door-to-door for Shelley Mayer. With the special election on April 24th, it is incumbent upon us to do all we can to ensure that Shelley wins by a huge margin, riding the Blue Wave into the NYS Senate chamber.

On Sunday there was an amazing event featuring NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who takes on the Trump Administration every day and is winning battle after battle for the people of New York. It was an exceptional event, reminding all of us of just how important each and every election is. Additionally, our friends Suzanne Burger and Robin Bezark hosted a Meet & Greet/fundraiser for our campaign in Pound Ridge, which was a great success. A huge thank you to them both.

The campaign has also garnered quite a bit of press coverage this week! Please check out articles here and here.

This week our blog looks at the difference a NYS Senate led by the Democrats will have on our state and nation. New York, like the nation itself, is home to barn-raisers and tech billionaires. It is a state of public school success stories and global trendsetters. We are a pool of talented people, that together can right the ship and put us back on course towards a brighter, cleaner, renewable future… this happens when we vote in a Democratic majority this coming November. Read my latest blog post “Election 2018: Breaking New Ground, Not Protecting the Status Quo.”

This week I will be going to Washington, DC, to meet with progressive candidates from across the nation, to work together and prepare for November’s election. I will fill you in next week, but until then, please consider a contribution to our campaign, as it is the lifeblood of winning elections. Please also join us for our Sixth Town Hall, taking place in Brewster on April 17th, focusing on Opioids, Addiction, and Mental Health. And see future events on our Calendar.

As always, volunteers are welcome (and appreciated!) Sign up on our website at And please keep in touch! This is as much your campaign as it is mine.



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