Dear Friend,

April is upon us and soon the flowers will bloom, colleges and high schools will hold graduations, and a new generation of leaders will emerge. What could be more emblematic of this than the March for Our Lives events across our region and around the world? These are young people picking up the mantle of leadership, no longer looking to older generations to lead the way.

As the youth look to their future, our campaign is looking to November and the people and organizations that are helping us get there. This has been a terrific week of support, with the Beekman, North Salem, and Patterson Democratic Committees joining Lewisboro in their endorsement of our campaign, as well as endorsements from advocacy groups that span all three counties of the 40th Senate District. From Dutchess County our campaign was endorsed by The Harmony Huddle, in Putnam we were endorsed by the Putnam Progressives, and in Westchester we were endorsed by Indivisible Yorktown, CCoHOPE, Voices Rising and CD17 Indivisible. Their respective support will make all the difference in 2018.

One thing future leaders will not tolerate is the huge amounts of “dark” money in the political process. They have seen its destructive impact. This week’s blog essay, “Kochs and Mercers and Trumps, Oh My,” takes a look at when this dark pervasive political funding hits us in our backyard and corrupts the political process here at home. Cleaning up politics is a must if we are to continue engaging more citizens in the process and strengthening our democracy.

Over the past week, the campaign has spent time with the Democratic Committees of Lewisboro, Pound Ridge, North Salem and Patterson and met with journalists from our local papers. I’ve been preparing for our next Town Hall on Opioids, Addiction and Mental Illness taking place in Brewster, and I hope to see some of you at our meet/greet/fundraiser in Pound Ridge on April 8th.

As the weather warms, we will start knocking on doors and introducing more people to our campaign and the tidal wave that will turn the NYS Senate Blue. There couldn’t be a better time to make a financial commitment to the campaign and sign up to volunteer. This is your campaign… let us know what you are thinking, what you want to know and how, with your help, we can all make a difference.  We are in this together and I’m looking forward to working with you every step of the way.


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