Dear Friend,

I hope you had an enjoyable and thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend. There were events taking place all across the 40th District on Monday, and I was happy to attend four of them: Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Yorktown and Lewisboro. Each community has a unique identity that was reflected in these events, making for an interesting and emotional day. I was also grateful for the opportunity to meet and speak with so many of the district’s voters.

At two of our four stops on Memorial Day: Lewisboro and Chappaqua








Memorial Day weekend began for me in Cortlandt with their annual service led by Town Supervisor, Linda Puglisi. It was a touching tribute to those who died in service to the nation, with a room filled with veterans and their families.

The evening before I attended a Q&A in Peekskill, where we held a lively conversation focused on issues that impact our lives every day. Thank you to the Peekskill Democratic Committee for organizing the evening, and for all the continued support of my campaign.

On Sunday we stuffed envelopes with petitions and palm cards, in preparation for the start of the petitioning season. We will be out in force on June 5th — the first day of petitioning — and we won’t stop until after July 4th, when we will take them to Albany and present them to the Board of Elections. I hope you will help carry our petitions if you can. And please be sure to sign our petition when someone knocks on your door!

Ready for petitioning. Remember you can only sign one petition for each office….
We hope to be your choice for NYS Senate!

Finally, over the last week I’ve been hearing gossip about the future of our campaign. Let me be clear: We worked hard over the last eight months to bring together the Democratic Committees and the activist groups. I am proud of what we have achieved and grateful for so many of these groups’ unwavering support.

We aim to win the primary and represent YOU on the ticket in November.

It is our hope that you will continue to make financial contributions and sign up to canvass and make calls for us. With your help, your continued belief in this campaign, and your willingness to reach out to others, we will indeed take this all the way to the New York State Senate.

Money isn’t everything in politics anymore. People power is winning elections across this country… and together, we’ve got this.

Please sign up to volunteer and make a contribution today. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.



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