Dear Friend,

Our community has been hit by multiple news stories this past week.

We learned that some of the children taken from their parents at the US-Mexico border as a result of Trump’s disastrous “Zero Tolerance Policy” were placed in Westchester facilities. The outrage that shocked most Americans – that our government would take babies out of their parents’ arms – was felt right here in the 40th Senate District. I participated in a number of rallies and attended a press conference addressing our anger and deep concern for these children and their families. The blight on America caused by this policy will haunt many of us for a long time to come.

Throughout it all, I wondered: Where is Terrence Murphy on this issue? Where is his outrage?

And that’s not the only place where Terrence Murphy has stayed silent. Last week the New York State government released the long-awaited risk assessment report on the AIM Pipeline, located adjacent to the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor. The report indicates that more study is needed and that the potential risks are great. Even the act of decommissioning the reactors could require that the pipeline be shut off for safety reasons.

Terrence Murphy sits on both the local and state Indian Point task forces. Many have voiced concern about the Risk Assessment report since its release on Friday, but we have yet to hear from Senator Murphy. This has the potential to be one of the greatest environmental and human disasters our region has ever seen, and needs an immediate response from him, from the governor, and from the federal agencies overseeing pipelines and nuclear energy.

There are serious issues facing this nation and this state, and we have never needed a strong, proactive State Senate more than we do today. You get to make that happen, first in the state Primary on September 13th and then again on November 6th.

I am in this race to be your voice in the Senate. I will always put people over politics, and I invite you to join the people’s campaign to take the Senate and turn it blue…you can join me as a volunteer and/or contribute to the campaign.

All are welcome, this is YOUR chance to change our government and protect our communities.

Thank you,


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