Dear Friend,

The campaign is in full swing and our palm cards (handouts) made their debut at our Yorktown Town Hall meeting on property taxes and their relationship to infrastructure investment.

In a room filled with people from various towns, villages, and counties, we talked about the need for better and more affordable transit and housing – and how those improvements would translate into lower property taxes, as they increase the sustainability levels of local businesses.

A full house at Monday’s Town Hall in Yorktown on property taxes and infrastructure

Streamlining our healthcare system, moving to a single payer process (not socialized medicine) would shave billions of dollars off our property taxes and raise our property values overnight. As neighbors and friends, we reviewed the need to invest and support our local business community if we want towns and villages with activity, rather than the blight that comes from empty and darkened store windows.

For Cortlandt it’s Indian Point, for Somers it was IBM and Pepsi Bottling. Each community in and around the 40th Senate District has an Achilles heel that we must protect ourselves from. The 21st Century is very different than previous periods in our economic history. Building a stronger infrastructure — and working more closely with neighboring towns — will be essential in ensuring communities have the opportunities they need to thrive.

Elected officials can only be successful if the citizens who elect them have their backs and hold their feet to the fire. I promised the standing-room only crowd that I would be a full-time senator and hold town hall meetings each month, taking my responsibility as a provider of information most sacred. This is about keeping the public well-informed, so they can make intelligent decisions for their families, homes and communities.

Our next Town Hall will be at the New Castle Town Hall and focus on gun safety and the US Constitution. Then in April, in Brewster, our Town Hall is on opioids and addiction. We aim to do Town Halls in every town before summer…and then, to keep people informed on the issues most important to them.

The past week included a meeting with NYS Assemblyman David Buchwald, addressing the Mount Pleasant and Carmel Democratic Committees, the live We’ve Got Issues Internet TV show in New Castle and a rally in New York City in support of union workers. I have been a union dues payer my entire adult life and firmly believe in the right of workers to organize.

Looking ahead to next week, on March 6th we have a fundraising reception in Brooklyn, so if you or people you know can join us, please do! Your support is vital to our campaign. On March 19th, we have a birthday fundraiser in Yorktown at the historic Peter Pratt’s Inn. I hope you will consider joining me to celebrate and help us raise funds.

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event or Town Hall. Please share this email and feel free to reach out to me with questions. Your support is what makes the difference.



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