Dear Friend,

I hope you are all enjoying yet another snowy day and keeping safe. We all have our eyes on the power companies, holding their feet to the fire with this impending storm and hoping for spring and warmer weather. Enjoy the hot chocolate and time with family and friends.

Monday night was a real highlight of the campaign, when friends, neighbors and campaign supporters gathered to celebrate my birthday and raise funds for the race. I can’t thank you all enough. A big thank you to Jon Pratt of Peter Pratt’s Restaurant for his generosity, and to our team for making this a successful event. Individuals representing the big tent of progressive support were in attendance, from Democratic District Leaders to founders of the Indivisible movement, all coming together to take on the challenges of a reactionary and regressive leadership in the New York State Senate. The support was truly heartwarming, with people representing every corner of the senate district.

Thanks so much to all those of you who came out for my birthday fundraiser!

The ENDORSEMENT of the Lewisboro Democratic Committee was made official at the birthday celebration, and what more could I ask for! I am honored and humbled to have such a wonderful group of people, led by co-chairs Alan Cole and Christina Rae, put their faith in me. Moreover, I know from personal experience just how hard the members of this committee work on behalf of the candidates they support. I feel incredibly fortunate to have them by my side.

This past week I spent more time in the public schools and was deeply touched when much of the student body “walked out” last Wednesday – in solidarity with students across the nation and around the world – to protest gun violence. The bravery of the Parkland students, and of the students speaking out across the country, is such an inspiration and gives me hope that this time will be different. (Sadly, yesterday’s school shooting in Maryland shows that gun violence in our schools is not going away anytime soon and that we need immediate action to face this problem head on).

Wednesday evening we held our fifth Town Hall, focused on Gun Safety, in New Castle. The program, hosted by Up2Us, had added impact because of the tens of thousands who had walked out earlier that day. In preparation for that Town Hall, I reviewed over 20 bills passed by both chambers of the NYS Legislature since the Parkland shooting. In doing so, it became clear that the Democratic-controlled Assembly was passing legislation aimed at making our communities and schools safer, whereas the Republican-controlled Senate was focused on building fortresses, having already concluding that we’ve lost this battle for our streets, schools and town squares. These two different mindsets are a big reason why New Yorkers in 2018 will continue to push for the changes initiated in the local elections of 2017.

At the Town Hall in New Castle, hosted by Up2Us, discussing guns and the U.S. Constitution with the crowd.

The campaign made a stop at Northern Westchester Indivisible and participated in the latest stop of the “Toxic Tour,” which aims to make the public aware of how much toxic hedge fund PAC money goes to the campaigns of New York State Republicans (including to SD40’s current Senator). I also participated in the Croton Dems’ Annual Soup Supper fundraiser…the vegetarian chili was not to be missed!

Until next week! Please keep safe and warm on this snowy Wednesday.


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