Robert Kesten on Video

June 20: FIOS News 1 interview

Robert commenting on the activist protests against the Trump administration’s immigration policy regarding families.

ROUNDUP TV: Westchester County Roundup – Robert Kesten Candidate For NYS Senate (District 40)

Brian Harrod of White Plains Roundup interviews Robert Kesten in late May about his campaign and his plans as NYS Senator for District 40.  

“Why I Decided to Run for New York Senate District 40”

5-minute clip from Robert Kesten interview by Armanda Famiglietti on “Locally Sourced” TV show, February 2018 (below)
   See related newspaper interview about why Robert entered the race »

“A Conversation with Robert Kesten”

30-minute “Locally Sourced” Robert Kesten interview by Armanda Famiglietti, February 2018 • Covering healthcare, taxes, infrastructure, and more.


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