August 29 note from Elect Kesten Campaign Manager Iyla Shornstein

Dear Supporter,

The late progressive Senator, Paul Wellstone, famously said that campaigns have 3 scarce resources: time, people, and money. This is increasingly true the closer we get to the election.

Wellstone was a true leader of grassroots organizing. He rose from obscurity to win his Senate seat in an upset, despite being outspent 7-1. His success can largely be attributed to the strength of his grassroots operation.

Wellstone asked his supporters to do 3 things: volunteer 1 day a week, write a check, and be available on Election Day. And of course, recruit a friend to do the same thing.

We’re taking a page out of Wellstone’s book. If you support Robert’s candidacy, can you do the following?

1) Sign-up for a volunteer shift

2) Make a contribution

3) Be available on September 13th

If all of our supporters commit to doing these 3 things, we won’t just win the primary, we’ll defeat Senator Murphy by a landslide. 

I hope you’ll join our movement to put #PeopleOverPolitics and flip SD40 blue!

Iyla Shornstein, Campaign Manager