What I Believe
by Robert Kesten

“Government is the only institution in our society designed to protect the interests of all the people, not just some.
We need to know that government is on our side, that there will be a safety net during hard times and in old age, and that there are new opportunities being created by plan, not by chance. While change may be inevitable, joblessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are not an option under a fair and decent government.”

“Our elected officials should be the ones imagining and shaping the future,
but our current political climate of dysfunction and self-interest has made this impossible, both in our nation’s Capital and the NY State Senate. New York is one of only four states with a divided Legislature, making governing and passing helpful new laws nearly impossible. Numerous pieces of legislation that have passed the Assembly have stalled in the Senate (e.g. single payer healthcare). It’s crucial that the Senate be in true Democratic hands, making it possible for government to do its job.”

“We must find ways to be proactive, working together with citizens, businesses, the nonprofit sector, and other levels of government to move initiatives forward.
In addition to meeting with any and all concerned constituents, I will work diligently with my legislative colleagues to pry loose critical legislation on healthcare, taxes, election reform, ethics, education, and the environment currently trapped in committee, and bring it to the floor for debate and passage.”

“Most importantly, we can no longer afford the short-term thinking that is sacrificing the future for our children and grandchildren.
We cannot cut taxes for corporations today if we raise them for families tomorrow. We must tackle the hard issues now, not keep kicking them down the road for our children to deal with.”

As the inimitable Barbara Jordan once said, “A government is invigorated when each of us is willing to participate in shaping the future of this nation.”

I call upon you to join me in moving the great state of New York forward together!

Read about the first Town Hall in Sleep Hollow in January  In a room filled with people from various towns, villages, and counties, we talked about the need for better and more affordable transit and housing – and how those improvements would translate into lower property taxes, as they increase the sustainability levels of local businesses.   Robert Kesten is meeting with groups large and small throughout District 40   Robert Kesten TV interview on taxes, infrastructure, healthcare  Robert Kesten is meeting with groups large and small throughout District 40

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